Turnkey QR Code Tech for Direct Mail

Grow Direct Mail Revenue with Stampede
With Stampede, direct mail pros — printers, lettershops, and data providers — can deliver MarTech-strength QR code tracking and intelligence to their data-hungry digital marketing clients. Boost your data capabilities, create incremental revenue, and delight your customers.
How Stampede QR Works
Deliver intelligent QR codes and tracking on behalf of their clients in just a few steps.
Step #1
Provider adds Stampede QR API to their workflow.
Step #2
Stampede generates QRs and tracking URLs for you to print/deploy.
Step #3
Upon scan, Stampede captures multiple data points each time.
Step #4
Scan data is pushed to marketer's data storage in real-time.
Step #5
Marketer can manage campaigns and data on their whitelabel dash.
Direct Mail QR Codes That Delight Both B2B and B2C Audiences
Improve your clients' MarTech stack with smart QR code tracking and create a new revenue stream.
B2B benefits
Benefits for Direct Mail Service Providers
Direct mail service providers are Stampede's customers.
New Revenue Stream
Generate incremental revenue by offering tracking services and data add-ons to your digital marketing clients.
Become a Trusted MarTech Partner
Satisfy the need of your digital marketing customers to “close the loop” by tracking QR code scan data from their direct mail.
Goodbye Manual Processes, Hello Advanced Automation
Stampede replaces your manual QR code process with a smart, turnkey, enterprise-level platform that can create, track, and measure millions of scans.
White Glove Support from Stampede
We assist with onboarding and integrating Stampede into your workflows. We also handle end-user client support.
Gain Better Postage Pricing for your Clients
With Stampede as your QR Code solution, you can easily qualify for USPS postage discounts on behalf of your client.
B2C benefits
Benefits for Digital Marketers Sending Digital-to-Direct Mail
Digital Marketers are your print/mail/data customers.
Enhanced Experience and Engagement
Unique Stampede QR codes link users directly to personalized one-to-one content, providing a seamless and engaging experience.
Data and Analytics
We provide detailed analytics on QR code scans, including location data, time of scan, and device type. This data helps track engagement and measure the effectiveness of campaigns.
Real-Time Campaign Intel
With instant scan data, marketers can quickly gauge the success of their campaigns in real-time. Data can be pushed to hundreds of locations via Zapier or via private webhooks.
Dynamic Content
Marketers can update the content linked to a QR code without changing the code itself. This allows for real-time changes to campaigns based on performance data.
Identify New Customers
Elephants never forget - Stampede can help you identify new customers and add them to your CRM database.
Powerful Platform.
Simple Pricing.
Let's get it going.
  • 2k Unique QR Codes / Mo.
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Full API Access
  • Email Support
  • Dashboard
Pro Production
For Mass Production of Unique QRs
  • Custom Configuation for your Workflow
  • Fair Volume Pricing
  • Custom Domains
  • Priority Support
  • ID Anonymous Recipients
Starting at $699
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