Enjoy Seamless Tracking & CRM Integration with QR codes built for Direct Mail.
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Boost your direct mail results & save on postage using Stampede, the QR code service designed to gather measurable intent signals from potential customers reached through direct mail.
We 💙 Direct Mail Tracking
Built for Direct Mail
Stampede's API allows for easy printing of unique QR codes on direct mail, each linked to a unique redirect URL for tracking and CRM sync.
Valuable Recipient Intent Data
All scan and user data captured upon redirect can be pushed to your CDP or other technology via webhook. Deploy supporting advertising as soon as QR intent is shown.
Identify Anonymous Recipients
Our AI can identify anonymous users who go through our secure redirect. Upon identification, the data is instantly pushed to you.
Works with Existing Workflows
Our RESTful QR Code API integrates easily into your existing print workflows. Just pass IMB/URL pairs according to our API Docs.
Save Money on Postage
Using our unique QR codes makes it easy to become eligible for service providers to qualify for USPS special postage discount programs.
Easy Monthly or Yearly Pricing
We all dislike complex pricing models. Ours is simple: a monthly or annual fee that reflects the level of volume you need us to handle for your business.
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  • 1k Unique QR Codes / Mo.
  • Unlimited Scans
  • Full API Access
  • Email Support
  • Dashboard
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  • Custom Domains
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Stampede Direct Mail QR API provides a platform for enhancing the efficiency of direct mail campaigns with QR codes designed for tracking and CRM integration. It offers an API for easily printing unique QR codes on direct mail pieces, which are linked to unique redirect URLs for seamless tracking. The service integrates with existing workflows and offers plans suitable for different needs, including a free plan with basic features and paid options for more extensive requirements.
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